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Field Trips and Special Events
We offer field trips, special events, workshops, and seminars. In these optional activities students explore and experience American culture.

Read about the activities for this session:


Computer Resources
Each week, Tutorium classes use our special computer lab, Student Computer-Aided Instruction Laboratory (SCAILAB). Tutorium students have priority access to SCAILAB before and after class.


  • Special software to improve English
  • Special software to practice for the TOEFL iBT
  • Advanced computers and fast Internet access

Tutorium students use SCAILAB to

  • Do homework
  • Practice English
  • Learn basic computer skills

Visit SCAILAB's website: SCAILAB


In SCAILAB, the Tutorium offices, and throughout campus, Tutorium students can use the UIC wireless network. The UIC wireless network offers fast and secure access to email and the Internet. To learn more about the UIC wireless network and system requirements:

UIC Wireless Network


Immigration Counseling
We issue I-20's to full-time students, and we provide counseling on immigration and visas.

To learn more about the I-20 and F-1 student visa application process:

The I-20 Process

Advice for Getting a Student Visa(F-1 Visa) (pdf: 28KB)

University Resources
Tutorium students can use these University resources:

University Library
SCAILAB (Tutorium's Computer Lab)
Public Computer Labs


Preparation for University Admission

Institutional Testing Program (ITP) TOEFL
Students in levels 2-5 take the ITP TOEFL each session at no extra charge.

University Admission Seminars
We offer free seminars to prepare students for university admission.

These seminars explain

  • The US university system
  • The TOEFL iBT and other entrance tests
  • How to choose a university
  • How to complete applications

University Admissions Resources



Assistance with UIC Undergraduate Admission
We provide counseling and assistance with UIC undergraduate admission. Some Tutorium students apply to UIC through the Tutorium while they improve their English skills and TOEFL scores at the Tutorium. This way, Tutorium students can submit their TOEFL scores after the UIC application deadline.

Audit University Courses
Tutorium students may audit UIC courses for $15 per course.



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